Some of the world’s most perplexing problems can be solved using mathematical algorithms, or simply by understanding the information contained in individual pixels of an image. We helped people in industries across the board use information from complex data and imagery to understand their problems, to make critical decisions, or to unlock age old mysteries.

Consulting Services Group: Our Capabilities

Along with our customers, the Harris Geospatial Solutions professional consultants have pioneered medical imaging breakthroughs. We’ve offered expertise in support of defence and intelligence operations. And we’ve worked with the brightest minds in the world to come up with innovative engineering advances. In industries across the board, including medical imaging and biotechnology, remote sensing and science, and engineering, we’ve helped people use data and imagery to solve their problems.

Whether you already have data or imagery and need to find out what information it can provide, or even if you haven’t yet determined how data or imagery can help your business or project succeed, our capabilities run the service spectrum.

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