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Develop the skills you need to fully understand your data and imagery. Our training courses are designed and instructed by subject matter experts in order to take your ENVI and IDL skills to the next level.

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"What I value most is the ability to be guided by a highly experienced trainer, who knows IDL [ENVI programming language] in its entirety. The course extended beyond just training and gave us an in-depth understanding of how the software works."

Course Attendee, Satellite Image Analyst

ENVI Courses

Exploring ENVI

Do you need to quickly get up-to-speed on the full-featured functionality offered by ENVI, the premier remote sensing exploitation package?

In this course you’ll learn much about the core functionality of ENVI and also work with Feature Extraction, the object-oriented classification workflow. You will also be given an introduction to hyperspectral data analysis that can be used as a stepping-stone for learning about ENVI’s advanced hyperspectral analysis capabilities. Data from various multispectral, hyperspectral and radar sensors, including ASTER, AVIRIS, Quickbird, RadarSat, AVHRR, SPOT, Landsat, TMS, and USGS DEM data are used in a mixture of lectures and exercises. In addition, you will be shown ways to extend ENVI using batch processing, Band and Spectral Math, and incorporating your own programs.

Prerequisite: A basic level of remote sensing knowledge is necessary to take advantage of what this course has to offer.

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Extending ENVI with IDL

Extending ENVI with IDL is a three day course for remote sensing scientists, engineers and developers who wish to incorporate their own algorithms and workflows into ENVI.

This course provides an overview of the programming constructs available in IDL, the language in which ENVI is written, as well as the tools necessary for a user to extend ENVI with IDL, including ENVI library routines, custom file readers and writers, batch mode programs and user functions. Students should be familiar with ENVI, ideally having taken Exploring ENVI.Several ENVI programs are developed in class. Though it is helpful to have programming experience in IDL, familiarity with basic programming topics in any language is suitable.

Prerequisite: Exploring ENVI (or equivalent experience) and familiarity with basic programming.

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IDL Courses

Introduction to IDL

Introduction to IDL is a three-day course that provides scientists, engineers and developers with a working knowledge of the IDL programming language.

Through a mixture of lectures, instructor-led exercises and challenge problems, this course significantly shortens the startup time for learning IDL, increasing efficiency. The course is focused on using IDL for data exploration, visualisation and analysis, with examples from astronomy, atmospheric science, remote sensing and medical imaging. This course is intended for new users of IDL; however, experienced users will also benefit from interacting with our expert instructors. No knowledge of IDL is required.

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Application development with IDL

Scientists, engineers and developers can strengthen their skills in employing IDL as an application programming language, not just as a command-line tool.

The major topics covered in this course include widget programming, data visualisation with Object Graphics, object-oriented programming and external linking. These topics, though useful in their own right, are also used to demonstrate techniques for building effective, efficient IDL programs. Take this course and learn how to write better code that can be used by others.

Prerequisite: Experience with IDL and another programming language, or completion of Introduction to IDL or Scientific Programming with IDL.

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SARscape Courses

This three-day training will give participants the ability to explore and evaluate the functionality of SARscape for ENVI and to determine its benefits for their organisations.

You will learn all techniques around our SAR product family from the installation to the architecture of the system. The course is structured in lessons on SARscape processing steps and tailored exercises, where participants will process SAR data (e.g. Sentinel-1, ENVISAT ASAR, TerraSAR-X).

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Introduction to ENVI Analytics
4 - 6 October 2016
Berkshire, UK


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